Lambeth’s Housing Commission sham

Did you ever read the 2011 Lambeth Council Housing Commission report?

Interesting points from that report that leap out…

(25) Lambeth Council to identify a number of empty properties which can be used, as part of an apprenticeship scheme, to train individuals and give them an opportunity to learn a trade. This work should start in September 2011.

– was this ever done?

(26) Lambeth Council should use a small amount of its existing short life properties to pilot co-operative housing. This work should start in September 2011.


(28) Lambeth Council should build on the evidence presented to the Commission to develop options for co-operative housing models to form the starting point for discussions with tenants that are interested in this option for their estate.


“As part of the budget setting process, by February 2012, Lambeth Council should make a decision as to whether it will ring-fence capital housing receipts so that this income is always re-invested in the council’s housing stock and in improved neighbourhoods for residents.”

– I guess that was a “No” then!!!!

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