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Lambeth ‘the cooperative’ (sic) Council: stop the ‘short-life’ evictions

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  1. pierre says:


  2. Sarah Jarrett says:

    Lambeth Council are useing Bullying tactics which are nothing more than criminal .

  3. I support the Lambeth United Housing Co-op and it’s proposals. It is appalling what Lambeth are doing not just to long term individual tenants but also to established families that have actively taking part in their communities for many years.

  4. Rosalind Powlesland says:

    I wholeheartedly support members of the short life co-ops in their efforts to stay in their homes. Why should they be made to pay with the loss of their homes for Lambeth’s gross inefficiency, mismanagement of funds and negligence?

    R Powlesland

  5. Claire Knight says:

    Lambeth, look to your values! Support the people who are already living in these houses.

  6. Ray woolford says:

    Huge Shout and support from People before profit in Lewisham, What Labour is saying about Housing in public is clearly at odds with what is going on in Lambeth, We set up a whole movement opposed to privatisation and cuts due to Labour sell out to big business agenda.Think Direct action Putting forward Candidates in Local elections 2014 and keeping profile only way to win. Clearly Low paid and poor in London no longer can count on Labour party for support a total disgrace and abuse of power.
    Readers may find our successful housing campaigns worth reading on ; or reading my blog; Lewishamcampaignerblogspot.

  7. Richard Lamb says:

    A soul-less London of glass & concrete luxury flats, plus corporate tesco metro shops; owned by foreign investors & populated by parasitic bankers & eastern european workers.

  8. Hannah Johns says:

    This is disgusting, no-one on the council will give a crap because they’re not involved presumably with their locale so don’t understand……as stated above, they just want money and bland samey buildings with Tescos like punctuation marks……

  9. Gail Morton says:

    As a Lambeth resident I’m really disappointed to see neighbours, many of them families with children, threatened with eviction. Some of these people have lived in and maintained these properties for decades, they should have a legal right to remain in their homes.

    I don’t want to see our community dismantled and homogenised in this way.

  10. Jane says:

    It is terrible news that the ‘cooperative council’ should be taking such harsh action. I am wondering whether the coops being evicted are in any position to attempt to come to a purchase agreement with the council. If the property is taken out of the councils hands and into the coops hands, this social housing will remain as social housing for as long as the coop is in existence and not be at the mercy of our fluctuating economy and money grabbing councils!

  11. Vicki Towers says:

    Social housing is one of the most important requirements to maintain a stable, involved and varied community. London has become an investment opportunity and is dying as a result. Lambeth (and Southwark) should take care of their responsibilities.

  12. Kim says:

    I live in a Housing Co-operative in Manchester. Social Housing is under attack in England and we have to stand together to fight it. With all my heart I support your fight to save your homes and your community; love and strength to you.

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