Negotiations with Lambeth


Lambeth Council’s Housing Co-op Evictions:

Lambeth Council is Lambeth Council is currently destroying housing co-ops that have existed in the borough for 40 years, while at the same time marketing itself as a ‘co-operative council’.

Lambeth’s ‘recall’ of ‘shortlife’ housing means that members of these co-ops are being taken to court so that the council can gain possession of their homes – homes that co-op residents have maintained across this 40-year period – and sell them on the open market, at auction.

 Lambeth is:

·           pulling away from a social housing solution & enforcing evictions

·           purging established communities & destroying home and family life built up over 40 years

·           airbrushing the fact that permanency for co-op communities was a stated aim

·           displacing people onto an already over-subscribed housing waiting list

·           using re-housing offers as instruments of coercion

·           charging exorbitant legal fees as a scare tactic

·           spending money on lawyers, vacant property managers and auctioneers

·           spending money on contractors to smash up and then refurbish vacated houses


Against this background, housing co-op residents, supported by their MP (Kate Hoey), are still hoping that Lambeth Council will seek a more constructive way of working with them and have promoted a ‘Super Co-op’ that would have borough-wide benefits and leave a legacy of social housing in Lambeth – helping to tackle empty homes as well as leaving us in situ.

However, Lambeth’s so-called ‘co-operative council’ are not listening and their efforts to avoid engaging with a social housing/co-op solution have seen them behave appallingly again.


How Lambeth are running from the problem:

–  Lambeth Housing Strategy 2009-2013 stated that ‘shortlifers’ would be consulted about the future us of their homes – they were not

–  as soon as ‘shortlife’ residents  tried to question Lambeth, it was voted to hold all meetings about ‘shortlife’ in closed cabinet sessions, deliberately excluding residents and their local representatives


Already this year:

– the council leader hi-jacked an agenda, two days before a follow-up meeting about the ‘Super Co-op’ solution (a solution that was discarded as if it had never been discussed)

– the chief executive refused to engage in a meeting with ‘shortlifers’ set up by a local housing provider

– there has been a dispute with a senior officer as to what minutes are defined as – apparently Lambeth define them as ‘your notes’ and ‘our notes’

–  a departmental director has refused to address direct legal points made in correspondence

– finally, an attempt to question the policy with a ‘Councillor Call for Action’ has been deliberately hampered by the council’s legal department


It is both sad and frustrating that a common sense solution to a particularly unpleasant episode has met with such treatment – it’s not what people expect from a ‘co-operative council’ or indeed any council.

The destruction of our communities has already begun.  By the end of this year, Lambeth hoped to have solved the problem of ‘shortlife’ by forcing us from our homes.

Our long-standing communities have been described by a current ruling group councillor as ‘giving a welcome permanence and continuity to the area’.

What is a council for, if it is not to preserve these kinds of qualities?

Perhaps you can help us find out and helps us reach a fairer solution?


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One Response to Negotiations with Lambeth

  1. charmain lodge says:

    My name is Charmain lodge, I have lived in and around Clapham Old Town for 20 years.
    I had a troubled up bringing and have been looking after myself since i was 16. The first place i lived in was a hostel in bayswater!
    I was always working even though i suffered from depression it was very hard for me coping but i managed, at the age of 23 i came too Clapham common, it brought a smile too my face it
    was the first time i actually felt like i had a home. I have been living at 13 Lillieshall for about
    14/15 years with my cat. In that time i have had problems my depression got worse and i
    started drinking, my experiences that i had as a child still needed to be dealt with. I went to
    rehab in November 2011 and even though it shut down while i was having my treatment i managed to come home and carry on with my treatment in Janus Solutions in Brixton. I
    had my graduation June the 20th 2012.
    I am still in recovery and about to start having
    Psyechodynamic Psychotherapy. I am working on all areas of my self that i suppressed for
    so long, I just won an appeal for my employment support allowance, they realized that i am
    still in recovery but Lambeth council don’t seem to be sympathetic to my needs. I have bid on
    property’s and not had much success,now out of the blue i got a final offer letter on the 30Th
    of April. I had to see a property today in Hern Hill, it was very small not much light coming in and the main window in the front room had a pointed roof top right in front of it and no space
    to keep my cat so she could come in and out. I found it hard to turn down as i feel I’m being forced to take something that’s not right for me. I know that i have too move but coming from
    where i live right now which is not perfect but it has been my home for so long i don’t want my recovery affected by me having to move into unsuitable accommodation, can you help me?

    I am really in need of your help, I was at my court hearing this after noon and it still stands that i will be evicted. They still said the flat they offered to me was acceptable, So i am to be evicted very soon is there anything you can do for me ? I am still in recovery just about this has very stressful i am on allot of medication and on a high dose of antidepressants to help me get through most days.All i wont is to be placed in a reasonable flat!! I am quite happy to leave 13 lillieshall road all i wont is security my own council place that’s not to much to ask, I feel like my life is going backwards instead of forwards all the hard work on myself seems to be slipping away im at the end of my tether PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    The Housing Officer dealing with this is Ms D Wilson and Charlie Conyers.
    2-7 Town Hall Parade,London SW2 1RP
    Ms C Lodge
    13 Lillieshall Road
    SW4 0LN

    email me asap

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