Email to Ed Miliband, 05/12/13

Dear Mr Miliband,

You have been approached twice now on the subject of Labour Lambeth Council’s eviction of housing co-ops, threatening people who have been in their homes for over 30 years – among them are OAPs who have lived in their houses since the 1970s and are in their 70s.

– You were written to in October 2012, an email that has been chased up many times since.

– You were approached in person in Edinburgh this August and the details of our member who approached you were noted down – but still no response.

On Monday a piece in The Guardian on this issue prompted a number of comments in support of residents under threat, with many people asking where you were on this issue. Our Twitter account and petition have been signed up to by many Labour supporters who are utterly dismayed by the actions of the party they belong to.

Will you now address these concerns and those of the residents under threat (who have been supported by their Labour MP Kate Hoey) and help bring about a fair solution that recognises people who looked after houses Lambeth ignored, and acknowledges their right to stay in their homes – a right that was continually acknowledged by Labour councillors before they betrayed that trust?


Lambeth United Housing Co-operative

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