Lambeth United Housing Co-operative – statement on eviction 05/04/13

At a time of upheaval in social housing, where Lambeth Council is accommodating people in B&Bs beyond the legal period and sending others to live in Margate, this London borough is persisting in selling off social housing units.

The latest casualty of the decision to sell off 40 year-old housing co-ops in Lambeth is someone who was evicted despite being given a supposed stay of execution by Lambeth’s housing chair, Cllr Pete Robbins and his local councillor Nigel Haselden.

While the person concerned was in court to obtain what he understood to be a routine postponement, bailiffs were in the process of seizing his house.

This debacle was further compounded by the reported remarks of Lambeth’s own solicitor who allegedly cast aspersions on the manner in which the councillors reached the agreement to postpone!

A bizarre twist in a sorry tale of a flawed policy.

It’s time to stop the evictions in Lambeth.
Lambeth United Housing Co-operative


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