Emails to Lambeth councillors about the eviction of Trace

From: lambeth united –

To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Christopher Wellbelove , Imogen Walker ,,,,,, Diana Morris ,,, John Kazantzis ,,,,,, Jane Edbrooke ,, Marcia Cameron ,, Alex Bigham ,,,,,,,,


Subject: re: Stop the eviction of Trace, a 56-year-old disabled woman and Lambeth co-op resident of 35 years?

Within the next 3 hours Lambeth Council will attempt to evict Trace, a 56-year old, disabled, Lambeth housing co-op resident of 35 years.

Since yesterday afternoon, when her solicitor told her that the eviction was definitely going ahead and she was being denied the right of appeal, the distress has caused her blood pressure to rise to levels which her GP has told her put her at “severe and dramatic risk of stroke or heart attack”. We are seriously concerned for her.

You can help stop her from becoming the latest victim of a punitive and harsh policy, one that has been reinforced by spin and smear simply because people dared to challenge a decision they weren’t consulted on. It’s a policy that has destroyed whole communities and has primarily benefited property developers while the scrutiny of it has been denied through unanswered FOIs, bans placed on email accounts and other such childish behaviour.

You represent a party that is supposed to be serious about governing this country, so please show some leadership and integrity among you and seek to engage with the vulnerable people who are left at the tail-end of these evictions.

Start by urgently objecting to this eviction and help us prevent more unnecessary and life-threatening harrassment of long-term residents.

Lambeth United Housing Co-operative
Twitter: @LUHousingCoop

The chase up email sent when the High Court bailiffs were called in:

Not one reply to our previous email. Shameful.

Now you’re going to cause Trace further unnecessary stress and spend Lambeth taxpayer’s money on High Court bailiffs.

We imagine that you wouldn’t want the wider Lambeth electorate to think you were a bunch of careerist, self-interested, self-aggrandising, arrogant, unaccountable, party-line hugging yes men and women with, in some cases, a loose grip on the truth and the inability to consult residents – but, believe it, people are starting to draw those conclusions, and not just our members!

Prove to them and us that this is not the case, and that in order to have an independent voice you don’t have to be afraid, suffer deselection, go independent or quit.

By the way, nice try with banning our other email address. Not at all pathetic.


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