Support from John Pilger & Vivienne Westwood

John Pilger recently added his voice to an email from Vivienne Westwood.

Both emails were sent to all Labour Councillors

Dear Councillors,

I am a Lambeth resident of over 30 years – I am a journalist and I have directed a number of my documentary films in Lambeth.

I wish to give full support to this letter to you all from fellow resident Vivienne Westwood. What has made Lambeth a special place is as a crucible of all of London, and a vital component of that are the housing co-operative communities.

It seems almost incredible that Lambeth should take the axe to these. If this proceeds further, I shall seek the commissioning of a TV documentary for broadcast nationally, exposing such vandalism.

Below is Vivienne Westwood’s letter. Please read it carefully.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John Pilger

Dear Councillors

Last year I wrote to Cllr Lib Peck and chief executive Derrick Anderson to find out why Lambeth Council was destroying housing co-op communities of nearly 40 years standing.

The replies given did not satisfy my concerns.

Near neighbours of mine have lived in their communities since 1974 and I find it unacceptable that these people and their neighbours are facing eviction after decades of maintaining their homes as part of a co-operative community – repairing homes that Lambeth Council had abandoned.

Now whole communities will be dispersed and people will become part of the already overburdened council waiting list, with their social housing units lost. This is exactly the opposite of what was promised by Labour councillors!

We should allow their potential to be realised through their vision of a “Super Co-op”, this would carry on the maintenance work these residents have done for decades and leave a legacy of social housing – so sorely needed.

Lambeth is a so-called “co-operative council” after all. It’s time that council and other institutions really put their policy where their PR is and put trust in people for better use of finance and resources.

The evictions programme is laying waste to community values and the potential of the residents – already proved over a long period of time – is being unfairly discarded.

I would urge you all to immediately reconsider these evictions and allow community value and social outcomes to be in the forefront of your minds.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Vivienne Westwood

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