The Shambeth Walk

The Shambeth Walk

Have Lambeth Council treated you badly?

We want to hear from those who have been treated badly by Lambeth councillors or officers.

Either anonymous or named, we’d like to hear your experiences so we can share information about how best to deal with the problem, and also to more widely illustrate the dysfunction that seems to be at the heart of Lambeth’s operations.

So, tells us a bit about your issue and then focus on how it has been treated.

For example.

We’re Lambeth United Housing Co-op and we campaigned for to stop our long-term communities being evicted and destroyed by Lambeth Council.

In the course of doing this, we experienced mismanagement, incompetence deliberate attempts to mislead and harassment – examples of which are documented here:

And we’ve just published an overall article about Lambeth you may be interested in:

Based on these experiences, we want to ask others in the borough:

Have officers and/or councillors been rude to you?

Have officers and/or councillors lied to you or misled you?

Have you ever been stopped from accessing information you believe you have a right to?

Do councillors respond to you?

Do they hold regular surgeries and actually attend those surgeries?

Have councillors ever actively campaigned against you because you are raising your issue?

Have ever been banned from speaking at a council meeting, attend a council meeting or even email councillors?

Are you aware of councillors or officers being banned by other councillors or officers from speaking to you?

Feel free to answer these questions and more, and if you would like us to host a link to your complaints please let us know.

Either leave a comment on this page, or email us on:

Best wishes,

Lambeth United 

Twitter: @LUHousingCoop

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