Labour Lambeth in chaos – July 2014

Lambeth Council wants to shake off its past image, but in doing so has created an entity much more ideologically flawed.

Since it became a near one-party state in May, there have been numerous disturbing stories coming from Brixton Town Hall…scrutiny committees abolished…hour-long orchestrated debates that will not allow for any dissent…attempts to cover up its record on the environment…”silly mistakes” at election time, and also dodgy electioneering has come to light…

Lambeth’s one-party state tightens its grip on democracy:

Lambeth’s attempts to silence local opposition:

Lambeth’s cover up on air pollution:

Lambeth booting out OAPs from sheltered housing:

Meanwhile, there are still some serious question marks about the ruling group’s election tactics:

And a bizzare post-script to its post-election conduct:

Our members have been directly affected by Lambeth’s unaccountable, uncaring and uncooperative attitude, and more and more residents risk having no say in decisions that affect them either.

As we know from bitter experience, councillors are prepared to say one thing and do the other, cover up and pass the buck.

Given the above, we think the borough needs some urgent attention…so we need you to scrutinise Lambeth.

They clearly can’t do it themselves.
Twitter: @LUHousingCoop

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