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See below for recent press coverage and also the tabs down from Press menu for items in Private Eye etc:

July 2014 –

Guardian –

Evening Standard –

Guardian, December 2, 2014:

Lambeth Weekender piece Nov 2013:


Chris Huhne looks to benefit from sweat equity of ‘shortlifers’


Helen O’Malley criticises “savage” policy of ‘recall':


Charmain Lodge eviction cancelled because of direct action by ‘shortlifers’ and housing activists:


South London Press 03/05/13:


Guardian Online 29/04/13:


Lambeth Weekender 29/04/13:


We’re willing to work with Lambeth for an in situ solution with or without a mediator, recent Lambeth propaganda suggesting just the opposite…


[See response to this letter

Links to some other recent coverage… 2012/11/26/winning-the-right- to-residency-out-of-house-and- home/

As seen in The Brixton Bugle


Brixton Bugle shortlife story


Local Government Conservative Home:

Inside Housing:

Streatham Post:

Piece in Streatham Guardian, 21 June:

Maritza in th Lambeth Weekender: 016.LTW.WEEK.S01.C0L.

Link to This is Croydon Today:

From The Guardian 1997


From The South London Press 1997






Michelle Hanson’s piece on Bonnington Square:

Piece about Lambeth’s uncollected council tax: news/article-2165170/2billion- council-tax-left-uncollected- town-halls-moan-cuts- Whitehall.html?ito=feeds- newsxml

“Lambeth, which has £48million of uncollected council tax, last year used taxpayers’ money to fund a poster campaign complaining about central government spending cuts.
The posters said: `The Government has cut our money so we are forced to cut services.”

Piece about vacant property managers, Camelot – note the comment at the end from Squash: housing-network/2012/feb/03/ housing-profit-property- guardian-industry

Link for People Before Profit’s successful campaign in Lewisham over retention of council houses:

Piece about Jonathan Reynold’s MP and his Co-op housing bill (it would have had an impact on this case if it was law):

Piece about The Drive Co-op:

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