Email to Cllr Chris Wellbelove

Email sent to Clapham Town Labour councillor Chris Wellbelove about his support of housing co-ops that he unceremoniously dumped to climb the career ladder of the local Labour Party!

Dear Christopher,

I was recently looking through some old papers and found an email from you to one of our residents (who subsequently printed it off and passed it on to me). It was written in advance of a meeting at the town hall and it read:

“As part of my speech I would like to talk about some of the families in shortlife housing, there is not much time but things along the lines of the number of children that have gone through and [are] currently at local schools. The kinds of jobs / involvement in the local community / contributions that residents living in shortlife in Clapham have made.”

“I feel like this is an opportunity to talk about something from the history of how short life came to be – but the human element that is here today and to show you at the heart of the community.”

By supporting evictions you have helped to rip the heart out of that very same community. I can only conclude that your support of ‘shortlife’ was a superficial bit of politics, used to suit the needs of the local Labour Party at the time and not a genuine attempt to serve local residents.

By the way, I note that you have blocked Lambeth United Housing Co-op on Twitter, odd given it was you who followed us and also that you follow an account that has previously trolled us – I assume this is because you don’t like being reminded of broken promises!

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