Lambeth’s ‘shortlife’ scandal

Lambeth Council is currently destroying housing co-ops that have existed in the borough for 40 years, while at the same time marketing itself as a ‘co-operative council’.

Lambeth’s ‘recall’ of ‘shortlife’ housing means that members of these co-ops (including OAPs and other vulnerable people) are being taken to court so that the council can gain possession of their homes – homes that co-op residents have maintained across this 40-year period – and sell them on the open market, at auction.

Against a background of threatened evictions, legal intimidation, hypocrisy and mismanagement, housing co-op residents, supported by their MP (Kate Hoey), are still hoping that Lambeth Council will seek a more constructive way of working with them and have promoted a ‘Super Co-op’ that would have borough-wide benefits and leave a legacy of social housing in Lambeth.

But Lambeth are not listening, despite the involvement of co-op housing experts.

Lambeth Council has instead:

– pulled away from a social housing solution and enforced evictions

– purged established communities and destroyed family life built up over 4 decades

– broken clear promises made by councillors to these communities

– sold social housing units and displaced people onto the already overcrowded waiting list

– spent money on lawyers, vacant property managers, contractors and auctioneers

– picked on the vulnerable and the elderly, causing serious psychological and physical harm

– used re-housing offers as instruments of coercion & charged exorbitant legal fees as a scare tactic (up to 5 times what defendants are paying their solicitors, residents are also threatened with “unauthorised occupation charges”)

– repeatedly denied democratic means of holding the evictions policy to account and stifled any criticism from among councillors –

– refused to answer key questions on the legal basis for the policy

A conspiracy of silence and a litany of failure that would shame any local authority!

Please support us in our campaign to stop the evictions and for a common sense and fair solution.

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  1. Pamela Booker says:

    What about using the Human Rights Act? Everyone else does! Can you not just refuse to move? Make sure you campaign against the councillors involved when they come up for election. This is a wicked land grab that shouldn’t be happening in a democratic country. Greed made desirable by a fiscally incontinent council. I wish you every success in ypur campaign

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